“Project 703” revealed…

by marco | 25th June 2017

“Project 703” is revealed as permanent Ayala Museum installation of I AM CARDBOARD PHILIPPINES.

Our I AM CARDBOARD PH powered 360 VR experience features the execution of Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Immerse yourself in the crowd of bystanders watching the execution. Step into the shoes of a firing squad soldier task to pull the trigger and kill a national icon of the resistance and finally experience how it would have been like to be Dr. Rizal in the moments leading up to his famous last act of defiance: He turned around to face the blue sky and not die like a traitor face down in the mud.

The teaser was developed to prompt the audience for the “The Future of History” 360-VR Experience and ask questions, which answers they can explore for themselves  through our VR experience.

Shot by legendary DOP Rody Lacap on our RED Scarlet Dragon using a vintage set of Zeiss Standard T2.1 and RED Scarlet MX with a 70-200 f2.8 Nikon using available light only. Choose 4K playback for better quality.

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