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Documentaries traditionally use small crews and little equipment. The days where you could get away using a small ENG camera and a decent tripos are long over. These days the audience wants to see documentaries that are more engaging. And broadcasting clients ask for camera specifications not met by most ENG cameras. That is when we decided, that its time to take a leap and upgrade our equipment to cinema style gear and finally to these:

5K RED Scarlet Dragon and 4K RED Scarlet MX These cameras are used to produce visually stunning Hollywood blockbusters. But apart from their above ultra high definition (UHD) resolution that are also extremely modular. The same camera can be stripped down to bare minimum or beefed up to rival the biggest of beasts out there.

Our Lenses (PL-mount Zeiss Standards T2.1 & Nikon mount f1.4 fast still glass) are of similar diversity. For Film production our set of German made Zeiss lenses are great if you wish for a quality and look to them that can be pleasant and soft.
Our Nikon mount lenses with apertures of f1.4 for primes  and  f2.8 for zooms, provide you with the glass you need to capture your vision.

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