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Our Team

Biemann Produktion Haus Inc is led by Marco D. Biemann and Anne G. Biemann. They are backed by highly skilled and motivated people- cameramen and crew, video editors, and digital artists.

Marco, CEO and Director, has been in the Production industry since 1994 and has shot in over 46 countries on 6 continents. He is perhaps best known for his work for the German TV Series “The Last Paradises”, a show that won numerous awards and citations over the years – in Berlin, Moscow, Singapore, Jackson Hole, and in the prestigious Antibes Film Festival. A passion project showing how the elusive Thresher Sharks helped an entire island community in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan get back on its feet, screened in festivals through out Asia, Europe and the Americas winning awards in Yosemite, Toronto and Cannes.

Since 2015 he is pioneering the content creation for Virtual Reality in the region as head of the content creation unit and a founding partner of I Am CARDBOARD Philippines.

Our Values

Dedication to Excellence. This goes before anything else. We are committed to the pursuit of perfection, while our experience tells us that perfection is impossible to achieve. Our clients find that this groundedness has proven to be invaluable- keeping projects on track and on schedule. We have extremely high standards, but they are feasible- and we always meet them. We keep our promises, and we always deliver.

We value hard work and discipline. Our work ethic, coupled with our experience and talent, is why we have always exceeded our clients’ expectations.

Conservation work has always been on the forefront of our endeavours which might be why organisations like GREENPEACE, OCEANA or CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL has chosen to use our expertise.

Education is to us more than just knowledge (Google can supply knowledge) – We seek to elevate minds (young, old and small) to critical and autonomous thinking by expanding their horizon through breathtaking beauty and mind bending experiences.

Our Style

While our work is diverse, one might notice that our projects are marked by a common thread. We value the Essential. All the elements are thought out and are there for a reason. We like it clean- where there are no unnecessary additions, only enhancements. We want people to see beauty that is already there- there’s no need to embellish it, or create something artificial.

This is why we love shooting Aerials- to show people the beauty that exists around them. We enjoy giving people a fresh perspective on their own vicinity.

We also like filming underwater- which allows audiences to dive into an alien world, both strange and beautiful. We have filmed deep inside jungles as well as in the middle of the dessert, all to capture the untamed life that dwells in there.

Another favorite subject would be people, culture and places. There are just so many stories to tell, and we enjoy being a part of telling them.