Your Copyright…

Photo by Bianka Bernabe Every script writer should make sure they are prepared to face copyright violations. Here are some facts around copyright to ensure your next idea does not get plagiarised without you having any legal grounds to defend yourself. The fact is that you should own the copyright to your story the moment […]


We are happy to be on board as co-producer to realise this vision of director Atom Magadia. His film Dagsin (Gravity) has been chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the 2016 Cinemalaya Film Festival. We are excited to see how this amazing script will come to life; showing the importance but at the […]


Overtime is the second feature film of Wincy Ong and produced by GMA Films.

As One (IISA)

“As One” is the directorial debut of Chuck Gutierrez who describes his film like this…

Heneral Luna

Perks of providing one of the 2 RED Scarlet MX cameras that was used to shot this historic movie: The pre-release Gala Premiere September 6, 2015. Critics are already hailing the film to be one of the best Philippine films in 2015 and as been selected as the Philippines entry to the Academy as consideration […]